Over-Reyes A Yankee?

Joel Sherman in the Post throws it out there that in 2011 the Yankees will need a SS, and maybe a certain SS from New York makes sense.
Over-reyes has been built up to be a superstar. He’s not. Sure he hit hit .300 in 2006….but maybe these numbers are the “real” Reyes:

2008: .267

2007: .280

2005: .273

2003: .269 in AAA in 42 games

Maybe he’s just going to be a .280 hitter with some speed. He has a .331 OBP for his career. Jeter is .388 in 15 seasons. Jimmy Rollins is .332. Rafael Furcal is .352

Is he “good” – sure. Superstar, no. Overrated – you tell me.