Paul Lukas Says: Good Riddance Piazza

Wow I thought I was harsh with my “Mike Piazza is a Dodger” rap.
Among the gems on ESPN Page 2:

When it became apparent that he’d have to move from catcher to first base, Piazza’s behavior ranged from disingenuous to manipulative.


Quoting Piazza: I thought the DH could be a good thing for me later in my career,” he said, “but now I see that it’s bad for baseball, because the pitcher can throw at the batter with no fear of retaliation.” So what did he do after leaving the Mets? He shopped himself to American League teams with hopes of becoming a DH. None of them were interested, so he signed with the Padres, but then he went to the A’s, where he happily DH’d. Hypocrite.


Put an L.A. cap on him and let’s pretend New York never happened.

However, I think the observations about Mike’s relationship status are lame. Who cares dude.

The piece is here: