Jo-Han Cannot Save You Now

Losing with Santana on the mound doesn’t help the Willie Watch. By the time Santana starts again, someone else will be manager.

The Mets Police predict Willie will be let go after meeting with the Wilpon’s on Monday. The Mets Police predict Jerry Manuel will be named interim manager for Monday night (sorry Lee, I’m really trying).

The fanbase will be unsatisfied with the choice.

Meanwhile, The Mets Police took a field trip to Yankee Stadium last night and witnessed something – apparently managers are allowed to yell and scream and kick dirt when they don’t like a call. I know, right?

So Girardi does this yelling thing and wow the yankees won the game 5 minutes later. I hope Willie was watching in the clubhouse – eh what does it matter.

Seriously, is there anything that could possibly make anyone think Willie is the man to lead the Mets out of a tailspin?

Jerry in the dugout Monday night. Conference Tuesday. You read it here first.