Machete? Really?

For those of you who read this blog before the papers – well read the papers first – Willie joked that Omar is in Denver sharpening his machete. Machete?

Random Thoughts before I waste a sunny day blogging:

The black hats with the blue bill look horrible on TV. You can’t even see the NY logo. Please ban these forever.

Gary Carter is backtracking on his comments. Sorry Gary, you talked yourself out of the running.

Good line by Mushnick today that none of the Art Howe camera shots were racially motivated. Of course that was Sportschannel/FSNY, maybe they were more open minded.

Starting to see “mainstream media” write the “It’s Omar’s fault too” columns. They like to rip the bloggers but they tend to be 4 days behind the bloggers on everything.

The Times has Reggie Jackson saying, “It can play on our mind. We are going to think about it (race) in times of difficulty, whether you feel sorry for yourself, or whether you just acknowledge it.”

Adding that “it’s fair to think about it,” Jackson also said a man in Randolph’s position must be “sensitive how you express it” toward people you are “trying to meld with and create a better environment for all.”

Tomorrow: How the Mets can eliminate the curse on them.

Tuesday’s discussion (plus or minus the manager’s job): “What is a ‘real Met / True Yankee”