Omar Watch

They call me cranky, but in the end I’m always right.

People are beginning to understand that Pedro is 7-5 since June 2006!

Omar, you should have gotten out of this mess on Monday – now everyone is mad at you too!

Here’s some good stuff from a Florida paper.

It was Minaya, the Mets general manager, who overpaid Pedro Martinez, foolishly giving him a four-year contract when everyone knew he was on the verge of physically breaking down and wouldn’t get past the first two seasons.

It was Minaya who spent $100 million to bring Carlos Beltran to Queens, where he has done nothing to live up to his paycheck.
It was Minaya who wanted Carlos Delgado and Luis Castillo and Moises Alou, none of whom are playing the way Mets fans hoped when the team left Port St. Lucie two months ago.
Delgado, 35 and aging fast, went into Tuesday night’s game batting a paltry .215. Castillo, who too often plays older than his 32 years, was batting .259. Alou, who will turn 42 in July, has spent all but 14 games on the disabled list.
Then there’s Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, who claims to be 38 and hasn’t thrown a pitch this season because of a foot injury.