The Sunday Column

Another nice day out so I’m trying not to get suckered in to the blog all day.

Heard Howie Rose once again claim about “40,000” in the stands yesterday. They announced 53,000 paid. So as Bondy pointed out earlier in the week – are there really 13,000 no-shows and what does that mean? Why would 13,000 people not use tickets.

More on Howie and “40,000” tomorrow (with photos) – I love ya Howie but I suspect something rotten in Denmark.

Over the years I’ve heard not so nice things about Tom Seaver. I only met him once, as a very very young lad and he was nice to this 4 year old – but Raissman says Hernandez said on TV: “I love Tom, but in ’83, when I got traded over (to the Mets), the last time we went into Philadelphia we had a Sunday game and Tom wasn’t pitching,” Hernandez said. “And Tom took the train back to Connecticut and didn’t stay for the game. I was just stunned.”

Kinda bored with “the turnaround.” Folks ya gotta be halfway consistent. On Monday 80% of the fans would have paid for Willie’s cab back to the Bronx. Win 4 out of 5, with Santana next then 6 games against bad teams – and suddenly it’s 1986. I’ll remind everyone that after winning two against the Yankees everyone was buying World Series tickets, then we spent a week trying to get Willie fired. Reminds me of that time Jets fans were chanting “Super Bowl!” in the sportbar, and then Marino called “clock.” Calm down everyone, Willie won’t be here in September.

Pedro being Pedro. It was actually weird to see him in the dugout yesterday. I suggest Willie keep that bullpen well rested today and tomorrow.

Wally Backman. Good article in the Post checks in with Wally. The guy should’ve gotten the job before Whiny Randolph complained nobody would give him a chance, even though he had never managed in the minors. Poor Wally didn’t even have his name come up this time. Hopefully Mazzilli will make him his bench coach when Omar finally makes the change.

Mike’s Mets talks about trades: but focuses on the good ones. I’m still not over the second worst trade ever – Juan Samuel, and the worst trade ever: David Cone for Jeff Kent (who will somehow be a Hall of Famer) and the just awful Ryan Thompson. Every time this comes up I say the same thing and always will – I would STILL rather have David Cone NOW than those two.

I’m still fascinated with The Rays. Some guy named Scott Kazmir (and some bullpen help) threw a shutout yesterday, and The Rays actually had a sellout (aided by a post-game Trace Adkins concert.) Maybe the Mets could offer them a crappy pitcher and get a gem. Oh wait…

So I thought I’d see what was up with The Rays by using Google and I found this link which took me to a bunch of Rays blogs.

The Tampa Tribune talks to the groundskeepers about the changing atmosphere.
“Obviously, you have a lot more energy when you come to work,” he said. “When you’re doing damage control all the time, it saps your strength. This is the way it’s supposed to be. This is an adrenaline rush. It’s hard to work the kind of hours we work, and you need to have some kind of a boost, and that’s what this is. This is a boost.”

Tampa Tribune also suggests things don’t look good for a stadium.

68 percent oppose the Rays proposal;

82 percent says there is not enough parking downtown;

58 percent are unwilling to extend the tax payments at Tropicana Field to pay for a new ballpark.

But these folks want one:

Thanks again ESPN – I sure do hate sitting at the ballpark when it’s 80 and sunny, when I can go at night and get home at 2am.