>Mets Ticket Pricing Annoys Me

>So I'm looking at the tickets for Saturday night and they are $20 for uppers. Opening Day was an obnoxious $35 to see a marching band, and Tuesdays against the Nationals are $5.

Meanwhile I have a handful of Yankee uppers (relax and stop hating) and they are always $12. Opening day, closing day, the return of Babe Ruth – $12.

Then I started thinking – hey Mets Police, aren't you the same guy that says they should sell $1 tickets rather than have an empty stadium in Augusts they are 35 games out? Yep…and then it hit me.

It's not even about the money, its about the positioning. If they would decide on the 'real' price (say $20) and then had 'discount tickets' for $5, then we'd all think we're getting a bargain and maybe go to the game on Tuesday night against the Nationals.

Instead they rub my nose in it by telling me there's something special about the Texas Rangers and jack up the price.

Bad positioning out of the Mets.

Let's hope the new stadium brings one price and they lose this gold silver aluminum nonsense.

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