Summary of Reactions

Just typed “Mets” into google and I think the headlines say it all. The franchise is once again at a nadir.

Just read the headlines:

Mets’ handling of Willie cowardly Newsday

Mets were classless in firing Willie Randolph

Mets Fire Randolph, Embarrass Themselves in Process

Once again they make a mess of it but at least it’s over

My early-morning Web column: Mets acted cowardly

The New York Mets Are Classless; Willie Randolph’s Firing…

Mets blamed the wrong guy Boston Globe

and the irony of it all: Mets Did This At 3:00 AM So It Wouldn’t Be On Front Pages

How did that work out for them?

2 Replies to “Summary of Reactions”

  1. Cowardly is the only word for the Mets and I blame that JERK Fred Wilpon.

    BTW–why do we want to hire Ken Oberkfell? He used to destroy the Mets.

  2. I don’t know Ken as a manager at all. Deep down I want the best for the team, this is why we police them. I wish Ken tremendous success.

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