Mussina, The Boss & The Hall of Garvey

Was watching the Yankee game in picture-in-picture while rocking out to Bruce’s 1975 Hammersmith Odeon concert DVD which is just wonderful. That’s “the Boss” part of this post for those of you not following along.

Meanwhile in the little box I saw something I haven’t seen all year. The starting pitcher, future Hall of Famer Mike Mussina was losing, and yet he came out to pitch the 6th inning. Then the 7th. Then get this, the 8th inning!

Apparently the AL has two rules the NL doesn’t. One is something called a DH. The other is that your starting pitcher doesn’t have to come out before the sixth inning ends. I would have thought Willie Randolph would have been familiar with this technique from his time in the AL, but apparently not.

I was sad that Moose didn’t get the win, but he should start the All Star Game, and he will wind up in the Hall of Fame. I personally don’t think he should be in the HOF – I have created something I call the “Hall of Garvey” for those players that were pretty darn good, but just ain’t Hall of Famers. Keith Hernandez and Don Mattingly are also first ballot Hall of Garveyers.

Somewhere during Rosalita and a Yankee rally John Maine gave up two runs.