Shawn Chacon and Rizzuto Park

Was listening to the Yankee announcers – I always like hearing a different perspective, which basically meant if the count went 1-0 on a Yankee batter that the Yanks were likely to win the World Series – and I heard Suzyn & Sterling talk at length about Shawn Chacon.

Basically the message was this:  he’s going to be a Yankee.

The Yankee radio machine made sure they I knew that:

Jeter likes him
Jeter stuck up for him
Cashman likes him
Chacon likes the Yankees and even said hi in Houston
And Jeter likes him
Sure you shouldn’t assault your GM but, well, Jeter likes him.

In other Yankee news, I see Phil Rizzuto park is going to be in…..Queens?   That doesn’t seem right, but then again the Joe DiMaggio Highway is in Manhattan and the Mets are moving to Dodger Stadium.