Mets Insult All Spanish Speaking People Of The World

Hola Amigos!   Si, I am speaking to you in your language, because I know it will make you love my blog more con mucho gusto!

Insulted yet?  You should be.

The Mets once again insulted all Spanish speaking people of the world by adding a tiny little “Los” to their uniform.

See they aren’t the Gringo Mets, they are Los Mets.   They are just like you.   See, it says “Los” on the jersey.

Now maybe you were a Met fan already or maybe 45 years into this franchise you decided you don’t like them – but now they are the team of La Raza.  Los Mets care about you, can’t you tell from the tiny little letters?

There is a rumor that on Sunday that there will be a tiny little “The” on the jerseys.   After all, it doesn’t make sense to say “Los Mets” one day and not “The Mets” another now does it?