Three Reasons Mets Police Accept The Jets PSL plan

Three reasons the Mets Police accept Woody Johnson’s peace offering:

1.  We weren’t going to win this one.  Sometimes you have to settle.  There was no way the Jets would go PSL-free after the Giants went whole hog.

2.  Woody met us half way.  Sure the Jets are going to make a mint for no reason, like the Giants, but at least there’s enough of an effort here to look us in the eye and say he threw us a bone.   Which he did.  Yes this sucks, but it only sucks half as bad as the Giants.

3.  “The little guy” didn’t get screwed.  Do I feel bad for folks that have had seats forever in the lower decks?  Of course I do.  At least they have the opportunity to move upstairs.  No you can’t sit down low, but you probably don’t fly first class either, and no you can’t have a beach house.  The rich get access, the blue collar guy doesn’t.  It’s the way of the world.

Giants ownership – are you willing to be as halfway honorable as the Jets?