When The Rainout Happens Why Do I Get The 8:05 Game?

So, I bought tickets to a game scheduled for 1:05 on Sunday.

ESPN, which hates children, moves the game to 8:05.   Sucks to be me.

If today’s game is rained out, that game will be moved to Sunday 1:05.

So the people that wanted to go Saturday have to go Sunday.  The people who wanted to go Sunday afternoon have to go Sunday night.   Since the Saturday folks are screwed anyway, why not let the Sunday 1:05 folks go Sunday at 1:05?

If you are interested in um, “re-selling” your tickets at the official home of MLB scalping, they are going for $5.   There is absolutely no demand on Mets tickets.

Once again I offer my services as Director Of Franchise Integrity.  I can help with things like fan-friendly game scheduling.   The Mets know where to find me.