New Apple. Would The Mets Reconsider?

Citi Field will have a new apple next year.   That’s disappointing.  
The Apple crowd breaks down like this:
a)  people who want the existing Apple.
b)  people who want the Apple to say Brooklyn Dodgers (well one guy named Fred)
c)  people who don’t care at all.
d)  people that have no idea what we’re talking about.
What doesn’t exist is a contingent of folks who want a new Apple.
I’m sure the new Apple will be all shiny and pretty  and may even have a corporate logo on it.   That misses the point.
We want THIS Apple.  The one that was there in the 80’s and is there today.  The only recognizable thing from Shea Stadium to bring over.
Yes I know it barely works and it’s made of plywood.   That’s the point.  It’s ours.  The Mets.  The working class team. 
When you move houses you bring all kinds of crap from the old place.  The lawn mower that barely works but maybe you’ll fix it someday – you bring it and it sits in the shed.
Bring the Apple. 
The rest of the stadium can be shiny and new.   Stick the old Apple in the corner.  Heck, have two apples.  Put the Apple in Non-ument Park.  We can visit it before the game.
Mets, can you reconsider this one?