>Monday Morning Mets Police NFL

>Same Old Jets.    The Jets are the Road Runner.   You will never win.  It is all a tease.

Maybe Belichick does actually know what he’s doing.  I remember when his QB got hurt and he rode a rookie named Tom Brady.

Shanahan is a maniac.  If you missed it, he went for two rather than a tie in the final minute of the game.  Got away with it too.

Martz-Ball kicked in for the 49ers.   J.T. O’Sullivan to Isaac Bruce.   Just like Montana to Rice.  

The Cardinals aren’t allowed to be good are they?

Jets fans probably remember a man named Herm Edwards.  He’s a lousy coach in KC too.

The Sparano’s won’t be whacking anyone any time soon.  That’s Miami for those of you that don’t know coaches.

The Curse of the PSL’s has not yet kicked in for the Evil Money Grubbing Giants From New Jersey….but it will.