So Who Should Be The Field Of Dreams Team At Yankee Stadium?

When stadiums close there is an often a ceremony where the greatest living (and retired) players take their positions one last time.

Who do you think should take the field at the Yankee game on Sunday?

One man’s list:

C: Yogi
1B: Donnie Baseball has a game so call Tino. Sorry Pepitone.
2B: Please welcome back our old friend Willie Randolph
SS: Too bad Scooter didn’t make it. Bucky Dent.
3B: Nettles
LF: They ain’t gonna invite Winfield so it’s um……..
CF: Well unless Joe D or Mantke have a’s Bernie
RF: Paulie O should be in the Hall but it will be Reggie
P: Whitey Ford. Check the nickname. Plus we can’t have everyone out there from 1977.

Feel encouraged to complain about this list and remind me of 98 year old guys I forgot.