The Global Depression Will Help The Mets

The Mets (and Yankees) are heading for a golden age.

As companies sort through their own financial issues, the money that funds skyboxes and corporate stadium rights will dry up.

That leaves non-skybox ticket sales and tv revenue as the ways teams make money. The New York teams will be able to draw 2 million fans in their sleep. A team like the Royals, I'm not so sure.

When teams start worrying about meeting payroll they will look to deal players (see the Florida Marlins for how that works). The Mets would be wise (and this is always a wise move) to stock the farm. There's likely to be some bargains out there.

As for me, I sure wish the Mets would return my money to me. This is Day 10 of the Mets keeping my money hostage. They sold me playoff tickets, and the letter says that if the games were not played they would credit our credit cards. Did anyone get their money yet?

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