>Hey Rutgers How's That New Stadium Coming?

>I guess it's a good thing that Rutgers decided to waste millions of dollars expanding the football stadium because people aren't going to be able to see the games on tv.

ESPN has told the school (and SNY who gets the feed from ESPN) that this weeks game will be on ESPNU (check your cable system. Correct, you likely don't get it) and the game against Pitt won't be televised at all.

Schiano had one good season and there was about a 10 minute period where people were all hopped up about Rutgers. I particularly remember some frontrunners telling me they were going out for whatever that big Thursday night game was that year.

Of course Rutgers spit the bit. Then the coach bluffed that he was leaving so the school gave him even more money. Now they are 1 and 5 and the games aren't even on tv which puts Rutgers football below Manhattan basketball on the local sports radar.

Enjoy the new stadium. Parents let me know what it's like to write that tuition check while Schiano enjoys his fancy house.

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  1. >You know, I was just thinking about this the other day, and thinking how fleeced some Rutgers alumni, current Rutgers students, parents of current Rutgers students and various others who have contributed to the illusion of Rutgers football really being a good program must feel. LOL

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