Work For The Mets

The Mets are hiring a “Pitch f/x operator” (, the Official Site of Major League Baseball, is seeking Operators for its Pitch f/x system for the 2009 season. Pitch f/x tracks every pitched baseball, calculating its trajectory and break, for television broadcast, Internet, stadium video production and organizational data. It is the perfect part-time job for a diligent, responsible employee who also happens to be a big baseball fan.


Responsibilities include:


          Arrive at the ballpark no later than two hours prior to the scheduled start time;

          Perform a ready-for-air check with on-site TV production;

          Double-check and verify both team’s rosters, batting lineups, pitchers, and other pre-game information;

          Size the strike zone for each batter during the game;

          Enable and/or disable pitch tracking between innings;

          Work closely with MLB stats personnel to troubleshoot the system and ensure accuracy of data;

          Provide detailed post-game reporting and recaps.


Qualifications include:


          Ability to work under pressure and complete tasks in a timely manner;

          Advanced knowledge of computer hardware, software and TV production;

          Excellent attention to detail;

          Ability to understand and follow baseball play during a game;

          Strong communication skills;

          Reliable transportation and cell phone.