Generic Plaxico Burress Post

Were you shot last night?  No you weren’t.

Were you in a nightclub early Saturday morning?  No you weren’t.

Are you a cop?  No?  Then I bet you didn’t shoot yourself.

You are a cop?  I bet you know how to safe your gun so you don’t shoot yourself in the leg.

When you were young and went to a nightclub did you bring a gun?  No.

Did you hang out at clubs where guns were acceptable?  No.

Where there is smoke there is fire.   The Evil Money Grubbing Giants who charge their long-time fans $20,000 for the rights to pay for tickets did a good thing in getting rid of Shockey.   The team played better without the bad seed.  They should do the same with Plaxico.

Sheriff Goodell has done a great job so far trying to clean up the league.   The NFL needs to focus less on end-zone celebrations and more on off-field thuggery.   The league should use whatever clause it has to free the Giants of the financial burden, and the Giants should cut ties with Mr. Burress and encourage him to nightclub safely.

2 Replies to “Generic Plaxico Burress Post”

  1. The Giants historically had no problem with people who are criminals if they play at a top level. The morality and conservatism of the Mara family is a sham. Lawrence Taylor and many other miscreant were tolerated and indulged as long as they could play in a superior manner. As long as Plax can play he will. They will squeeze all the juice out of the lemon and then and only then will they throw away the rind.

  2. Goodell has only done a good job in policing players bad behavior, but a lousy job at policing the bad behavior of ownership. Hence the the title the Mets Police have given the Giants.

    Reaming fans of $$ is IMO a gazillion times worse than some idiot who shoots himself accidently. Hell I think it was a good thing, Darwinism at work!!

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