99 Is Not A Baseball Player’s Number

If you’ve spent any time ever here at Mets Police you’ve probably noticed that I get picky about what the Mets wear.

I not only hate the black uniforms, I hate when stupid numbers are assigned.

If Rey Ordonez asked me for a zero I would have punched him in the face.

This year’s offender is Jose Valentin.  He’s walking around camp wearing a #99.   99 is a football number.  99 is Wayne Gretzky.  Even the Yankees who barely have 25 available numbers left don’t need to use 99.

The always awesome Mets by The Numbers has a list of players and numbers in a posting today.

Why 99?

Why not 8?  What’s that you say – 8 is being held for Gary Carter?  You may have a point – they haven’t given it out since 2002, and they don’t hand it out to every Tom, Dick and Fernando like they do with 17.  (Again check out this awesome site:  http://mbtn.net/number/8)

How about 24?  The Mets need to get over this 24 avoidance they have.  Either retire it or use it.   (They have a Willie Mays fetish, just letting you younger kids know).

31?  If you’re holding it for Mike Piazza day then just have Mike Piazza day and be done with it – but you better have Keith Hernandez day first.

45.   Why are they holding 45?  Do they want to honor the bad half of John Franco’s career?  Is it a tribute to a pitcher that really did nothing for the franchise after June 6, 2006?   Do they think Pedro is going to wow them in the WBC?  Knowing this franchise they’ll probably have Pedro Day before the 17 goes up on the fence.

Fine, you want to hold on to all those, fine.  How about 51, 52, or 55?

Lose the 99.  Wear 51 until you either get cut or make the team and then can steal a number like 30 from Rocky Cherry.  Yes the Mets have someone named Rocky Cherry.