NYC’s New Archbishop Dolan Becomes Yankees Fan

From the Milwaukee Journal:


On New York, [Dolan] said, he was happy to know there was a hotdog cart stationed outside his offices and that he would now become a Yankees fan.


“You did not say that,” Egan laughed, after which Dolan later tipped his hat to the Mets.

He also said he and other Milwaukeeans were disappointed when Milwaukee Brewers pitcher

CC Sabathia signed with the New York Yankees last fall. “Now, well here I am, CC.”




If he’s a Brewers fan just be a Brewers fan.  People aren’t going to stop attending church because you like the Brewers. 


Just be honest, unlike certain phony ex-senators from New York – let me take that back, certain ex-senators who represented New York – who claimed to be big Yankee fans. 


I used to like when Rudy would stay a Yankee fan and not root for the Mets, but then he sold his soul when he rooted for the Bosox in the World Series.