Castillo Grounded Out On The Second Pitch BOOOOO

I wanted to be the first to boo Castillo this season.
He grounded out on the second pitch of the game.
Listening via XM 183.
Top 1, 1 out.

2 Replies to “Castillo Grounded Out On The Second Pitch BOOOOO”

  1. Looks like the Castillo boo was premature, or maybe good luck, since he batted in four of the runs? Perhaps a boo is in order at his first at-bat each game to ensure he pulls his weight.

  2. I like this theory. It could become a fun little C-Field tradition.

    How about it everyone? We boo Castillo (with love) every game during his first at bat. Even if he wins the MVP we boo him. Other teams will get confused.

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