Stars & Stripes Jersey Spotted In Enemy Country

Believe it or not Shannon isn’t the only cop on the beat that pays attention to jerseys.  Of course down here in Philly country if I see any Mets gear I’m shocked (that they have the guts to wear it) and thrilled (that there are others here as well).

So for your pleasure – spotted in a Wegman’s in Collegeville, PA. David, the guy wearing the jersey, told me he got it a year ago at an outlet mall in Reading, PA.  I have no idea why a store in Reading, PA would be selling Mets jerseys, but maybe I need to drive over there

3 Replies to “Stars & Stripes Jersey Spotted In Enemy Country”

  1. Dan,
    He probably got it at the VF Outlet store in Reading. The VF Corporation is the parent company of Majestic and from what I’ve heard they have a decent amount of Majestic merchandise there. Periodically they also have Majestic “Tent Sales” where they discount the merch even more. One just happened in June and there will probably be another one in the fall. Good Hunting!

    1. Steve
      Thanks for the info. Looks like they have an event going on July 16-18 – will have to make it out there and see what they have.

  2. Dan,
    I am a Mets fan living in Reading and the VF outlet is where i get all my Mets gear. The benefit to being a fan of a hated team is that all of our stuff is dirt cheap (hoodies for $10, t shirts for $4, and jerseys for $25). Its definitely a worthwhile trip. Even if they are not having a tent sale, which mostly showcases all their Phillies gear anyways, its still definitely a worthwhile trip

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