The 1976 New York Mets Pillbox Caps

Hi Shannon–

Mets Yearbook 1976 was on SNY today and I grabbed a couple of screen shots of the Mets wearing those Pittsburgh Pirates-type caps with the stripes along the top. I can’t remember if there had been a debate on this, but it does appear they wore them at the very least on Opening Day 76 and on several other occasions that year.

Heck, I’d take THESE caps over BLACK caps even …

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2 Replies to “The 1976 New York Mets Pillbox Caps”

  1. Bad caps on the Pirates, worse on the Mets (and other teams that briefly wore them in ’76). Bring on the black!

  2. Does anyone know what, exactly, the reasoning was behind celebrating the bicentennial with pillbox caps? I’ve never seen a portrait of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, or a Continental Army soldier ever wearing one.

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