Sandy Alderson’s conference call with the Mets bloggers

On Friday night, Sandy Alderson took a conference call from several of the Mets bloggers.

Unlike the David Howard call I was a little out of position to take notes, and I’m sleepy as I write this so I will refer you to Mets Blog’s ecellent recap for the time being until my brain starts working again (around the time of tomorrow’s Donuts Post).

I forget the exact phrasing of my question but I asked Sandy about how he feels about this fanbase and concurrently about having to deal with bloggers and I imagined him wondering why he had to deal with some guy from the upper deck.

From the Mets Blog recap:

“I’m very familiar with the blogosphere, and how it makes connections with fans… People are going to form their own opinions, but if you’ve heard from me, it’ll be on the basis of direct communication. I don’t mind spending the time. In a sense, you guys probably reflect the most passionate elements of the fan base. If I’m right about that, it’s more important to be in contact with you all than the rest of the media.”

I thought that was a fantastic answer.

I love the increased communication from and with the team.  This isn’t just about me.  Don’t forget the below:

On Monday, fans will have the opportunity to hear from Alderson about the changes made and others still to come in Queens. Fresh from baseball’s Winter Meetings, Alderson will appear in a live webcast to answer Mets fans’ questions.

The chat, which will air at noon ET on Monday on, will be broadcast live from Citi Field, where Alderson will answer selected questions submitted by fans.

Fans can submit questions on leading up to the chat and then watch on Monday to see if their question is answered. Alderson will also answer a random sampling of questions submitted on Twitter, with the hash tag #asksandy, during the webcast.

That’s very cool.

Sandy answered whatever came at him.  Our questions were not screened in advance.

I’m honored and thrilled that Sandy would take the time to talk to this guy from the uppers…and I take it seriously that when I get these opportunities that I am representing you.

The thought behind my question is that I wanted to ask something that a beat reporter or sports radio host would be unlikely to ask.  The Adam Rubin’s of the world will do a much better asking questions about rosters and rules than I ever will, so for me there’s mo reason to use my turn on that stuff.

On twitter today it was suggested that I ask about the uniforms.   I didn’t.  My thought process is that uniforms are not what Sandy does.  If there is ever a call with marketing or even Jeff I’ll be sure to ask about the black.

Also on twitter (I’m @metspolice) it was suggested that the Mets are manipulating the bloggers.   Hey, I understand the whole “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” strategy and it is a sound strategy.  I don’t think this is what this is.  I think this is coming from one particular member of the press office who has some progressive ideas.  Media is changing and the Mets are being responsive.

Also, given the “maniuplation” theory the Mets can’t win.  If Dave Howard ducks me he’s a bad guy and if he goes to a game with me he’s manipulating me?  That’s not fair.  Maybe he just thinks it’s a cool idea.  Maybe he secretly hates black uniforms and Jeff throws him out of the office when he says anything.  Who knows?

I write what I write because it’s on my mind…and sometimes my mind is on donuts, Lee Mazzilli and Alternate Mets Cap #37.

I think some actual news-news was made on the call.   Sandy mentioned that he wanted to announce the coaching staff yesterday or today (Friday) but there were some administrative snags.  The announcement will be Monday or Tuesday.  I think that item made its world debut on the bloggers call.

Big thanks to Mets Blog, Matt and especially Michael Baron for their notes from the call.

I’m sure I’ll have more on this tomorrow.  Right now it’s coming up on 10 and I have been out all day – need some couch time and to watch last night’s Office.  By the way – worst Communigty ever.  Anyone else did The League?

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