The King Of Piazza Finals

Welcome to the King of Piazza semis.  Is it Brian…

Those are just SOME of the items in this Mike Piazza link. (That last photo above that is the same as the one below is from Chris’ collection.  I couldn’t figure out how to have it as a picture but not in the gallery.)

Or is Chris the King of Piazza?  Check out his stuff below.

Hit comments and vote.

Gotta be honest, I thought Brian had it clinched but then Chris sent in his collection.   Who is: The King of Piazza!

This King of Piazza schtick has worked really well. I may have to find out who is the Rey of Reyes.

5 Replies to “The King Of Piazza Finals”

  1. I gotta go with Brian. That All Star jersey collection is just too good to pass up. Plus, I read in the original post that Brian has a Marlins Piazza on the way too. Both sick collections. But I’ll go with Brian due to the unique nature of most of his items.

  2. I’d vote for Brian based on the Mercury Mets jersey alone. But I also find his wall plaque collection impressive.

  3. I actually know Brian personally, and of course vote for him.
    He is such a huge Met fan, I have a feeling he might win Rey of Reyes too!

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