This Mets video exists and well um…

You know those posts where I don’t even have to say anything…


Well at least I was able to embed a video without hacking it or making MLB Advanced Media go bankrupt.

So guys, I don’t want to discourage you from making videos – but seriously, me, Media Goon, David Wright, Mr. Met, one camera guy and half an hour on a Tuesday afternoon – we could get a lot done.  Watch one of the How I Met The Mets videos.

One Reply to “This Mets video exists and well um…”

  1. This was part of a promo sent out by the Mets to sell tickets. You can customize with a name and pic. I used a buddy of mine who’s a huge Yankee fan and Mets hater and sent it out to a ton of people we know. Hilarious!

    This video is best used as a weapon…


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