The Mets Stars and Stripes Hat

I know Shannon posted before about how he doesn’t know how he feels about the Mets wearing this style hat tonight. I won’t mention my views about which way I look at it. I just think this is an UGLY HAT!

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  1. this sucks

    and it’s really a stupid gimmick

    if they wanted to honor the 9/11 victims, which i assume this is, where are the first responder caps they wore?

    at least they’re wearing blue accoutrements, so that’s one small positive

  2. They are honoring the US of A itself and its Armed Forces. Walt you know how I feel about our men and women in uniform. I just don’t like this hat not the message behind it.

    1. I have no problem with you not liking the hat, it’s ugly as sin.
      I wouldn’t have a problem with you, or anyone, having a problem with the celebratory nature surrounding recent events.
      My reply, to Phil, was that he assumed wrongly “if they wanted to honor the 9/11 victims, which i assume this is”

      1. yep, walt, you’re correct and you know what happens when one assumes…my bad

        this was the first post i saw when i got in and saw the caps — i just thought since it was NYC, perhaps they’d be doing something for the 9/11 victims

        as i said in other threads, nothing wrong with honoring/thanking the troops — and there are probably two dozen other ways to do it (including giving out ~4K free tix to tonight’s game, which is awesome)…

        but only the S&S we killed osama caps are available for retail sale

  3. What ever happened to the days when they used to put a patch on the sleeve, which to me would be more appropriate and tasteful. Oh thats right you got to make a buck off of everything even this. Tacky very tacky.

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