Baseball wastes great moments in the middle of the night

Baseball can spend the day lying to itself about how magical last night was but I say if moments happen in the middle of the night they might as well not happen.

Last night I fell asleep at some point to the sounds of Joe Buck.  The score was 4-3 or 3-2 I don’t know.

At one point the crowd must have gotten louder, or Joe, or both – and I opened my eyes and my brain registered that Joe was telling me it was the last chance for the Cardinals.  Bottom of the 9th 2 out.

You may have noticed that I like baseball, so I watched.

I saw whoever it was get the double to tie the game, then I watched whoever it was fly out.

I looked at the clock and it was 11:53.

I thought how an extra inning Game 6 elimination game could be cool and I went to the bathroom.  When I got back the game was still in commercials and I pondered the thought of watching until ???? and you know what, I turned the game off.

This morning the internet is filled with tales of how this is a great World Series. Is it resonating with anyone?

Even if you live in Dallas or St. Louis the game made you stay up until midnight on a worknight/schoolnight.

More than half the population of the United States lives in the Eastern Time Zone.

Without the memories there is no attachment to the game.  You think my son will care if I show him internet highlights today?  Not at all.

We’ll be there tonight for Game 7.  He’ll make it until the third, and I will make it until about 11:15.  Baseball, you keep enjoying late starts and 4 hour games.

In other news, I’m thrilled at Joe Torre’s new random policy that games can be postponed because the forecast is bad.  I look forward to seeing how that is applied to bad forecast regular season games which all too often are rained out at 7:15.


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  1. eh. it’s lose-lose.

    The game started at 7 local time. That’s when all baseball games start. You push it any earlier and it’s suddenly ‘daytime’, when people are actually working and stuff.

    Even if you push it back an hour, that’s a 6pm start. I know Arlington and St. Louis aren’t as packed as NY, but can you imagine trying to Flushing from NYC or North Jersey or Long Island in an hour(ish) during rush hour? And that’s if you can step out the door at 5.

  2. No offense, but this is ridiculous.
    It’s the World Series. You can make an exception to stay up every now and then. Tonight there’s even less of an exscuse as it’s a Friday. My thoughts on this blog have largely been positive, but this post is one that screams of throwing a wet blanket on a great baseball moment for the sake of it.

  3. I am not sure if there is a solution to this problem. You really cannot ask that teams start a home game before 7pm on a weeknight. People do have to work, go home, hopefully get there kids and head for the game. World Series tickets are so expensive, how do you expect someone to shell out that much money and not be able to get there until the 3rd inning. Unfortunately we have become a society that needs to work crazy hours so we can afford crazy prices for crazy amounts of stuff. My father always told me to enjoy life when I was a teenager, that it would get harder as I got older. He was right!!

  4. The sad thing about this game was that “The casual Fan” just saw the sloppy part of it, say the first six innings.

    This game was so good from the seventh inning on that it could have turned the “Casual fan into a baseball fan” too bad more than half the country missed it.

    The solution is to Speed the game up!!! There are alot of ways to do it.

    As an example in college baseball the batter can not leave the batters box!…4 hour games don’t cut it!

  5. Very interesting that back cover of the game six daily news has a story from Mike Lupica with the headline “games start to late”. I guess they haven’t been able to solve the problem for over 25 years.

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