Mets announce new ticket plans

Wow busy day.  I just got this and need to digest it.  Commentary in a bit.  I have barely even read it…


On behalf of everybody at the Mets, thank you for your support this season as a Mets Plan Holder.

In our ongoing efforts to serve you better, we have revamped our Ticket Plans for 2012 in response to your feedback.

Our 2012 Ticket Plans offer you more flexibility to choose your games, better seats in new locations, and a variety of prices from which to choose.

We are introducing four different 20-Game Plans, two of which consist solely of Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekend games and select holidays. The other two plans offer an assortment of weekday games. In each plan, tickets for all 20 games will be in the same seat and you’ll receive a discount off the established box office price.


Our new 15-Game Pack provides you with the flexibility to pick the games you want. After choosing one marquee game – Opening Day, Thursday, April 5 or one of the Subway Series games June 22-24 at Citi Field – select your remaining 14 games from any game on the schedule. Seat location may vary based on your game selections.


Also in 2012, we are providing our 20-Game Plan and 15-Game Pack Holders with enhanced benefits, including an invitation to an exclusive plan and pack holder event at Citi Field – details to come!

We greatly appreciate your continued support and business.

Let’s Go Mets!

Leigh J Castergine
Leigh J. Castergine
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services


**Goon here with a  little bit of an add on. I called my ticket rep as soon as I got the email. I love my seats so I asked him if I went for the 20 game plan if I can keep my same seats.Said if  previous plan holders seats are available,they will try to get you same seats from past season.

Also for the 15 game packs seat location my vary due to games chosen.*****


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  1. Do we know if there are going to be smaller plans like last year? I live far away and a five-game flex pack is a little more doable for me…

  2. You think ticket sales is bad now? wait until the Mets don’t re-sign Reyes and you will have 15k fans per game.

    This time the joke is on you Fred!!!

  3. just spoke with my rep and he mentioned that with the 20 game plan, you have the ability to switch 3 games of equal or lesser value, as long as you give 2 weeks notice

  4. I really can’t see why anyone. would buy tickets season tix this early.1)You have no idea who is going to be left from the crappy 2011area team. 2)You have no idea if the team will go into a straight rebuilding mode, once they lose Reyes 3) Its not like you have any competition for your seats. 4) They are going to be out of it by May again. 5) Stub Hub will have plenty of $5.00 seats

    What’s the rush?…..There is zero demand!

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