Sandy Alderson: Now, instead of watching the Lion King, I’m on the phone with bloggers.

You know what’s an Amazin’ feeling?  Sitting in your driveway on a phone call with the General Manager of the Mets on the other end of the phone.

Somehow someway I have gotten myself into this lucky club of bloggers who get to do cool things like be on a Sandy Alderson conference call.  As I sat in the driveway I really appreciated how cool/remarkable it is that the GM would spend an hour with the bloggers.

There’s different styles of bloggers…some run a really “professional” vibe, and then there’s guys like me and Kranepool and Rusty and some others who are just kind of fan-ny.

I always leave the traditional style questions to the others.  I was quite impressed by some of the questions.  You’d be amazed how “pro” our group is.

For my turn, I had pulled over, not quite at the driveway, and decided to go in a different direction and asked Sandy if he has any free time and how does he spend it.  Golf? Fish? Favorite TV show?

I’ll pull the transcript once one of the others posts it but in a nutshell, he doesn’t have much free time these days.   When he was with MLB he would enjoy Broadway, now he doesn’t have time.  Then he got off the money line, “Now, instead of watching the Lion King, I’m on the phone with bloggers.”


He does not fish.  He likes to golf but has only golfed once since taking the Mets job.  His favorite TV show is Homeland.

Now some behind the scenes – I had tweeted that I wanted to ask him about Walking Dead.  I don’t know why.  It wasn’t some dumb cheapshot about the roster, and I don’t know why I was thinking of that show (maybe because some of us tweet about it in the morning sometimes).  But I wasn’t going to do that.

As I transitioned my phone back to mute (there’s an etiqutte to these things) I heard one of the PR folks mention the Walking Dead to him.  He said something along the lines that the Walking Dead was an outfit in Vietnam.  He didn’t know much about the show.

So I decided to Google “Walking Dead Vietnam” and learned that – and there’s nothing funny here – the 9th Battalion of Marines had earned that nickname because of its high casualty rate.


…um, anything I type now is awkward…..

Anyway, Sandy was great on the call as you’ll read on other blogs.  I plan to excerpt from those as well.

As for Mets Police – if you dig this post then this is your kind of blog.  I find all this interesting, including the Vietnam part.  If you think this post is silly and I’m a jerk for asking about TV, well you won’t like tomorrow’s posts either.  I have some good stuff lined up for the morning, see you then.


Oh…I’d never go this route with Terry.  Terry don’t play.  At all.

Hello Mr. Colactus sir.  I mean Collins.  What do you feel is the proper defensive positioning of the right fielder with a slow runner on first and one out?  Thank you for your time.


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  1. After this remark, maybe Sandy should spend some time on the phone with some agents…

    “I only know what I read in the paper, OK?
    There haven’t been additional reports that I’ve heard about other offers,”
    Alderson said. “So I’m not sure there’s much more clarity than we had when the
    first time the Miami visit/proposal was reported.”

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