1936 New York Giants Yankees blue and orange World Series program

I’m not sure if this is a “Giants” program or if this is from Yankee Stadium…but the color scheme and skyline caught my eye.  It seems somehow familiar.  From that same auction.



The 1936 classic was an epic victory for the Bombers as many had doubted their true talent without legend Babe Ruth. This program reads “WORLD SERIES 1936” in bold orange lettering at bottom left, and “Giants vs Yankees Official Program 25c” in navy across the bottom. Hand score remains in pencil inside. The program is in VG condition overall, with a slight crease down center running vertically.


2 Replies to “1936 New York Giants Yankees blue and orange World Series program”

  1. That program looks like it was used in both stadiums…I believe that is how it is done today as well. Don’t know if that has always been the case. The blue and orange are the colors of NYC, so that makes sense in a Subway Series.


    It does look oddly like the famous Met logo. Maybe the Ray Gatto logo design is not as original as I had thought. Anything is possible…I read an article a few years ago that pretty much showed everything about the Batman character that was attributed to Bob Kane was copied

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