The Rusty Staub Bobble Head Uniform Color Is…..

GRAY…It is a light gray but it seems like the Mets went with the road METS jersey from yesteryear.

The Mets pictures of the Rusty were a tad blown out so the color seemed to be white instead of gray. I compared it with this year’s Tom Seaver bobble head to see the variation. I tried my best to get quality picture of the coloring. Kinda hard to do. But, It is gray…

And one against white background….


Shannon here: man I bet the Mets had a nice giggle all week while we discussed the color of this bobble. I am truly stunned and amused that this actually was a road jersey.

I looked back at my posts and fortunately I wasn’t too jerky on my chip busting posts. Memo to self: be Dickey not dicky.

Well played Mets. Well played.

3 Replies to “The Rusty Staub Bobble Head Uniform Color Is…..”

  1. Told ya. Never any doubt. You guys need to calibrate the color on your TVs or something.

  2. Most had doubts, because in my memory, I don’t recall the Mets ever releasing a bobblehead showing a road jersey. It is probably very rare for all teams. In reviewing Rusty’s Met career, his first tenure was disappointing…his best year by far was 1975. his second tenure is fondly remembered, because of his extraordinary pinch hitting and leadership, not all-star qualities. I guess a 1975 bobbehead makes sense…but why not a home jersey? This bobblehead was designed by someone very informed of Met uniform history to get the 1975 road jersey correct…though to nitpick, the number font should be with serif and as Tom said, Rusty wore stirrups showing little white.

    1. Its a bobble head. They did something cool and different going with the road grays….No need to nitpick a bobble head…I would save it for throw back jerseys players might wear. 

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