First Person View of Mets Banner Day

Hey guys. Shannon put together a nice little tribute video yesterday to this year’s banner day. He is getting pretty good at it now so I am going to need to up my game.I was thinking what would be something cool I could do…Then it hit me. Why not give the fans who couldn’t experience being in the banner parade first hand my view. So here it is. My point of view of Banner Day..

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  1. So I guess the only question that remains is would you guys consider it a success and would the Mets have any reason not to do it again?

    It really works much better with a crowd there between games of a twin bill. How about the Mets actually scheduling an old time single admission double header and doing it the old fashion way next year.

    I hope they keep it, brings back great memories!

    1. i think the days of a deliberately scheduled DH are long gone. Too much $ lost in gate.
      Yes that works better because you get more people watching. I think they should televise it..maybe they were afraid something would go hirribly wrong. If they have it on film they should package it and show it on SNY.

      I don’t see any reason not to have it agian. I guess a few people had to work an extra 3 hours, but it was such a positive experience for all involved I imagine they will do it again.

      Plus you wont have negativism from the mainstream media..GR and Burkhardt and Howie and Rubin will all say it was good in 2012, so that likely breeds more enthusiasm for 2013. Plus its an All Star year.

    2. I could not agree more…schedule one measly doubleheader next year…offer some better prizes…and you will have a potential sellout.

      1. Yes a trip to Spring training isn’t a good prize at all. Banner day needs to be on a non holiday weekend.

    3. I highly doubt you will ever see a scheduled double header in MLB for any team ever again.  Besides the obvious lost revenue – not just from ticket sales but in concessions too (there are only so many hot dogs a person can eat), but you also have the players union which has to approve anything like that…and you know they would never say yes.

  2. if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it really fall?
    it’s great to have the banner day back, but overall it pales to what it used to be..

    1. Figure about a 1000 people participated with over 300 banners on a holiday weekend. Pretty good turn out I would say for something that hasn’t happened in 16 yrs.

  3. I enjoyed the oldies (songs) that were played as the banner parade proceeded, I’d like to see it come back next year. 

  4. Nicely dressed…….check
    Home grown………..check
    Banner day………….check
    Old timers day…………..?

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