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Two excerpts from Faith and Fear..this time from Jason Fry…so far those guys haven’t beat me up in the parking lot, so enjoy these two clips and please go read the entire site.

Shannon Shark, who deserves thanks and congratulations for tirelessly campaigning for Banner Day’s return, has a from-the-field perspective here. He reports that the Mets were cool, fan-friendly and organized, adding that he saw no knucklehead behavior. We didn’t either — of all the banners, I noticed one lament for the lost Jose Reyes (expressed in gentle rhyme) and a single scrawled anti-Wilpon slogan. But the last one was being carried around by some yutz in a Yankee cap, so it barely counts.

In recent years the people who run the Mets let two unfortunate tendencies get between the fans and the team: They treated the Mets’ history as an embarrassment to be minimized or ignored, and they looked at any potential situation and tried to figure out what could go wrong. Those same people have made great strides in undoing the first mistake, restoring the classic uniforms, adding a very nice Mets Hall of Fame and starting to fill Citi Field with Mets memories.

via A Banner Day for R.A. « Faith and Fear in Flushing.

As for the first paragraph…a humble gee shucks thanks.  I don’t know if any of my nagging matters or not., which leads us to the second paragraph.

The people who run the Mets have been great about listening to ideas.  So much of what I used to complain about how changed, and my opinion is that of course the change has been for the better.  I was looking at the uniforms on Sunday and started wondering how anyone could have thought the logos looked better with the dropshadow.  But that’s all in the past now.  The family is whole.  The history is back.  Now go win the World Series so I can shut down my dopey blog*

* if the Mets win the 2012 World Series I may have to hang around for the 2013 All Star Game.