Mets Today: Fourth Place Again, So Why Bother?

(They) figure they can approximate the same results with Jamie Hoffman and Anthony Recker (he’s from Allentown!) that they could with say, Cody Ross or A.J. Pierzynski. Instead, they’ll deploy a marketing strategy that positions the team as a bunch of likeable, scrappy guys, coupled with a few bona fide stars like Wright and Dickey and try to foist this off on you as a team on the rise. Plus, you really need to be at that All-Star Game don’t you? And next year, when they don’t make any moves, they’ll blame it on the lack of fan support.

You could argue that it is still early. You’d be wrong. There is a time for everything in baseball and this is the time to be making moves. Waiting until February or Spring Training means that all that is left are the Hoffmans and the Reckers. Anyway, this front office has a track record of untimely hibernations and except for one glorious day in 2011, has been unable to make a single move that has benefited the team

via Fourth Place Again, So Why Bother?.

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  1. Are we even sure we will finish in 4th place?…I thought it was impossible for the Mets to ruin Spring Training but they might! It’s the only time during the season there is hope!

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