Proof that Mr. Met is Mr. Met’s second son

You know my crazy Mister Met Family Tree where I claim that 60’s Mister and Lady married, had two kids, and the youngest son is now the mascot that we say at Citi Field?

Well this pennant showed up at Fanfest….

mr. met and son

Now look at that. Mr. Met, Lady Met and Mr. Met. There are two Mr. Mets, and one is obviously a kid.  Wait 25-30 years and let him grow up and you have the guy working at Citi now.  Theory validated!!!!

Also, it was nice to see Mr. Met 1.5 (the older “crazy” brother of the current mascot) acknowledged at FanFest.  Also note Mr. Met Sr.’s cocky “Mr. Met” jersey.  Yes I would buy one.

mr. met fanfest

I also find it fascinating that there only seem to be two pictures ever taken of Mr. Met 1.5 (that’s him with the swoosh jersey). Does anyone have any others?

mr. met fanfest

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