Ron Darling and Ed Kranepool to attend Queens Baseball Convention, autographs included!

We are so thrilled an excited to announce that Ron Darling and Ed Kranepool will be attending the Queens Baseball Convention!

Both Ron and Ed will be there for two hours each.  Part of their time will be used for a Q&A session, and the rest for an autograph session.  Autographs are included as part of your price of admission.

This event is really starting to take off! Thank you all for your support, and we’ll see you at McFadden’s Citi Field on January 18th!




Details of the day are below

QBCNoon         Opening Ceremonies  (Panels Room)

The Opening Ceremonies






dunk tankAll Day      The Dunk Tank (Area C)

It’s your chance to dunk some of the most infamous folks from twitter







Sandy the Seagull12:00          Sandy the Seagull 


Our favorite mascot from Brooklyn is coming by!







QBC12:10          Presentation: The Mets In Popular Culture (Panels Room)

From George Burns to Seinfeld, the Mets keep popping up in popular culture.  More details to come with moderator David Krell.






trivia12:30           Name That Play!   (Trivia Area)

Little roller up along first….

Can you buzz in and identify the famous play in Queens Baseball history before your opponents?




QBC12:45           Kids Scavenger Hunt 









Ron Darling1:00          Ron Darling Q&A (Panels Area)

You loved him as a 1986 Met, you love him on SNY….now here’s your chance to spend some time with Ron for some Q&A time.








QBC1:00         Kids Face Painting  (Kids Area)

We’ll keep the kids busy while you enjoy Ron Darling.  Name the person who plays third base for the Mets…








trivia1:30             Baseball Bingo (Trivia Area)

Bingo, but you’re going to have to figure out the numbers on your own.  We say Keith…check your B column to see if you have the corresponding number B-17.







Ron Darling

2:00          Ron Darling Autographs  (Area C)

Ron will sign autographs…it’s all part of your admission ticket!  Ron has to go at 3 so line up and don’t miss out!  (Subject to time restrictions)







mark simon espy2:00         Presentation:  The Most Unusual Wins in Mets history (Panels Room)

Mark Simon of ESPN New York takes us back through some of the most unusual victories the Mets ever had!



trivia2:30          Who Wants To Be A Mazzillionaire? (Trivia Area)

Can you answer five trivia questions without the help of a lifeline?  It’s your chance to win prizes.







QBC2:30          The Children’s Baseball Jersey Parade (Upper Area)

Kids get their own jersey parade.







grown men in jerseys

2:45          The Baseball Jersey Parade (Upper Area)

Watch adults walk around while showing off their favorite baseball jerseys.  Why? Because it is fun! Judge Paul Lukas from Uni Watch will be on-hand looking for something that catches his eye. You might win with a really obscure player, or maybe just a Mercury jersey will do it.




3:00          Kids Drawing Contest (Kids Area)








ed kranepool3:00          Ed Kranepool Q&A (Panels Area)

Fan-favorite Ed Kranepool takes your questions!







uni watch logo3:30        Uniform Trivia with Paul Lukas (Trivia Area)

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch will be on hand for some jersey trivia.







ed kranepool4:00          Ed Kranepool Autographs  (Area C)
Ed will sign autographs…it’s all part of your admission ticket! Ed has to go at 5 so line up and don’t miss out!  (Subject to time restrictions)







mets jersey panel4:00           Presentation: The History and Evolution of the Mets Uniform and Logo Design (Panels Room)

With moderator Michael Ceserano.  More details to come.







Andy MartinoTBA          Andy Martino


Andy Martino of the New York Daily News








4:15           Adults Scavenger Hunt 








dating4:30         The Dating Game (Trivia Area)

One bachelorette and three bachelors.  Do we have a match?







mark healey4:45         Panel: Rise of the New Media (Panels Room)

Some of the biggest names in Mets blogging join moderator Mark Healey (Going 9 Baseball) for a discussion of the ascendancy of the blog as part of the Mets fan experience.







trivia5:00        The Feud (Trivia Area)

Top 5 answers on the board…name a shortstop!  Is your team of four smarter and faster than the opponents?  Then maybe you’ll win some prizes!







greg prince5:30       Greg Prince’s Panel (Panels Room)

Greg Prince from Faith and Fear In Flushing hosts this Mets-themed panel.  That’s him on the right and hopefully he will bring that cool cap he is wearing.



6:00         Banner Parade  (Upper Area)

We’ll have markers and cardboard for the kids (and adults) to make some banners, and we’ll have a quick Banner Parade through the QBC



146:15         Big Surprise involving the number 14  (Trivia Area/Main Area)

We’re not quite ready to announce this one yet, but when you think of the number 14 what pops into mind?  Integrity?  Leadership?







mazzy awards6:30          The Mazzy Awards  (Trivia Area/Main Area)

It’s the Annual Mazzy Awards.  Here is a recap of last year’s ceremony where we honored Mets Player of the Year, Mets Executive of the Year, Fan of the Year and more!



You can vote for Mets Player of the Year below!

online poll by Opinion Stage


Plus more stuff for kids to do, a few scavenger hunts for kids and adults, and more to come!

Then after the event, McFadden’s will be hosting an after-party.  Details on that to come!