Intervention: Jose Reyes is never coming back to the Mets

formerly mets jose reyes jerseyI see the internet is pining for Jose Reyes again.

Here are some quick reminders….

1.  The Mets are owned by the same people who owned them yesterday.

2.  Jose Reyes has a ridiculous contract thanks to the Marlins.  Here are the numbers (via baseball reference).  Note that David Wright’s contract peaks at $20 million.

2014 31 Toronto Blue Jays $16,000,000
2015 32 Toronto Blue Jays $22,000,000
2016 33 Toronto Blue Jays $22,000,000
2017 34 Toronto Blue Jays $22,000,000
2018 35 Toronto Blue Jays *$22,000,000 $22M Team Option, $4M Buyout


In what fantasy do you think the Mets are taking on that contract?  I’m sure you will now suggest that Toronto is just gonna chip in $10 million of it because they are cool like that.  Let’s say they do.  In what fantasy do you think the Mets are playing Jose Reyes $12 million?

They should have traded him when they had the chance for the same reasons they traded Beltran (aka Wheeler) and Dickey (aka Syndergaard and D’Arnaud).

If you enjoy watching Jose play baseball in New York just wait until 2015 and ask someone where you catch the 4 train.

Move along.

3 Replies to “Intervention: Jose Reyes is never coming back to the Mets”

  1. We never shouldve let him go.  Another reason is that our Front office dont want to admit to a mistake.

  2. He will be in NY once again.. as a Yankee. In part because someone has to replace Jeter and The Yankees are one of the few that can pick up that contract once Toronto implodes; but mostly because it would be too good of a joke for God NOT to play on me and the rest of Mets Nation!

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