Becca’s Balls: Mets should further honor Joan Payson

Most of you (Generation Piazza) are reading this and wondering who the hell Joan Payson was.  Exactly.

She was one of the few dissenting votes against moving the Giants to the west coast.  She sold her shares and worked to get National League baseball back to New York.  She, along with the work of Bill Shea and M. Donald Grant, brought us the Metropolitans and Shea Stadium.  She was the first female owner of a major sports franchise.  She did everything in her power to bring Willie Mays back to New York so he could retire here – where she thought he belonged.  She could be seen at games hanging out in the seats with the fans, because, you know what, SHE WAS ONE.

via Becca’s Balls.

It is worth mentioning that Mrs. Payson is a member of the Mets Hall of Fame which is the second highest honor the club bestows.