Citi Field’s New Beer Selection


The Mets announced nine new beers that will be available at Citi Field this year at special Empire State Craft Beer stands on the field level near the LF gate exit by the ramps and in the Promenade food court. This is a pretty good selection that’s hopefully augmenting and not replacing what we have already. Let’s break it down:


  • Captain Lawrence Captain’s Kölsch: This is a lighter and refreshing beer. It’s a great beer for hot summer days and one that will be pleasing to just about everything.
  • Ommegang Witte: Cooperstown brewed already gives it a leg up. Belgian style ales aren’t for everyone, but Ommegang makes some great beer and this is no exception.
  • Original Sin Hard Cider: Pretty basic contract-brewed cider. If cider is your thing, this one won’t disappoint.
  • Blue Point Toxic Sludge: Black IPA originally brewed to benefit birds affected by BP’s Gulf oil spill. Black IPA means it’s a hoppy beer but with the roastier malts of a dark ale. It’s the only dark ale that I know of at Citi Field right now.
  • Blue Point White IPA: I don’t care for this one much because it reminded me a little of white tea mixed with IPA and I don’t like white tea.
  • Bronx Pale Ale: This, and zoo animals, are the only interesting things happening in the Bronx. It’s a very good pale ale and full in flavor if you can handle a little bitterness.
  • Queens Brewery Lager: I’ve never had this one, but I will. They brew upstate but are looking for space in Queens.
  • Southern Tier IPA: Haven’t tried this one yet, but Southern Tier usually has a pretty high floor for quality beer.
  • Coney Island Seas The Day: An India Pale Lager, which means it’s a clean crisp beer like a Pilsner but with all the hops of a pale ale. Coney Island may have originated this style, but this beer itself is new and the one I’m most interested in trying.

18 Replies to “Citi Field’s New Beer Selection”

  1. MurphGuide metspolice Yankee Stdm comes back with same crappy beer selection and raises you, or it, by $3 a cup.

  2. Ceetar RealMetman metspolice I believe the 16 oz cans of sixpoint were something like $9.50. Maybe less. Reasonable for ballpark

  3. TezzaNYM RealMetman metspolice sixpoint $8.50 I think. Hope they still have the 16ers.

  4. Ceetar metspolice not at all I can get a beer for $4 – $5 most places I go.. in midtown.. saturday night

  5. Ceetar No doubt! But, the addition of TheBronxBrewery Pale Ale is so clutch!!! RealMetman metspolice

  6. TezzaNYM Ceetar TheBronxBrewery metspolice at least something will be clutch at citi this year

  7. Ceetar metspolice real beer not with tip.. but I’m comparing against citi w/o tip

  8. Ceetar RealMetman metspolice 16 oz craft beers at Beer Authority average $7-$8. Citi craft beer selection is one of the better deals

  9. TezzaNYM RealMetman metspolice Rattle n hum has Sixpoint cans, $6, so $7 with tip. $1.75 more at Citi. Stadium inflation, but not bad.

  10. RealMetman TezzaNYM metspolice sometimes, but pretty sure they’re legitimate Aramark employees, not working for tips.

  11. metspolice those are 9 good beers. Perhaps the person who chooses the beer should choose the players.

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