Support Mets Jersey Day: #JerseyDayNYM

blue mets jerseys

Hey kids,

It’s your favorite capitalist blogger letting you know that the Mets are in second in this contest:  Majestic Jersey Day so let’s hashtag the place up with some #JerseyDayNYM action.

Fans can vote using the hashtag #JerseyDayNYM on Twitter or Instagram, and the totals are tallied on the Jersey Day website. Fans can also enter into a prize drawings for things like Majestic gift cards, free tickets to their club’s Jersey Day event, and more.

Mets Majestic Jersey Day will be May 29th…which is also the day of Media Goon’s Group Outing to Citi Field so we can all Jersey Up together.

#JerseyDayNYM.  You know what to do.