Hanging with d’Arnaud’s Granddad

I stayed at a La Quinta Inn in Denver for the last few days leading up to the 7Line outing for the Mets/Rockies. The first day I got there was an older gentleman who looks like he has had a very lived in life popped out of the room next to me, saw that I was wearing Mets gear and yelled out to me,” Let’s Go Mets. My grandson is playing tonight.” In my head that’s weird. I responded with Let’s Go Mets and continued on the way into the room.
Left the room later on to go grab some food and he was outside again. “Travis is my grandson. He’s going to have a good game tomorrow night.” Two of my friends had run into him too and we were all skeptical about this being Travis’s granddad. On Saturday he told my friends Travis was coming to meet him for breakfast at the pancake house next to the hotel. We were intrigued by this but we’re still skeptical.

We went on to our trip to Red Rocks before the game and started getting notifications on Facebook from other friends of hours sitting in the pancake house next to d’Arnaud and granddad.
We got back from Red Rocks and went to the pancake house for breakfast. Guess who we ran into Travis and his grandfather. Granddad goes to me and my friends “look it’s Travis!.” He said it because I guess who could tell we didn’t believe him for the past few days. We told Travis to have a great game and and grabbed a table.

Later on, I ran into granddad and he started talking to me about how much Travis loves being a Met. He loves the fans and the way the organization treats him. Out of the three organizations he’s been with he says the Mets are the ones who have treated him the best. When they were going to skip Harvey, he was the first one the Mets called after Harvey to let him know why they did it and who was coming up so he can prep to catch him.

Granddad continued to tell me that the biggest influence that has been helping Travis lately is Juan Uribe. He has been tutored by Juan since the trade and has picked up some tips on hitting that has helped him. Juan is great in the clubhouse and will make a great coach one day.

Jon Niese is the easiest pitcher to catch. Rarely has to move his glove from where he set it up.

deGrom is the best at painting the corners. The games he has caught for deGrom Travis says he never misses the corners and puts a mistake down the middle.

Granddad also said Travis told him that he hasn’t been this excited to be playing baseball since Pony League when he was younger. He loves Ny and loves the make up of the team.

Last note- the reason Travis changed his number was because he didn’t want to get used to one while he was in the minors due to movement in orgs and always changing numbers. Says he is sticking with 7 because he plans on being in the majors and being a Met for a long time.

I apologized to granddad that I didn’t believe him and I said I realize now that he was just very proud of Travis and wanted to share it with the fans. He was a great guy to talk to and got a lot of cool tidbits from him.

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