First nice uniforms, now The Curly Shuffle has returned to Queens??!!!

curly shuffle

Some of the folks who were sitting 500 feet from home plate in the cold last night tell me that The Curly Shuffle actually made an appearance.  I didn’t hear it because I was home and warm and in the comfy chair watching a beautiful 60 inch HDTV, but wow The Curly Shuffle returned?!!!

Most of you Generation Piazzas probably don’t remember The Curly Shuffle, but back when I was a teenager in the 1980’s this was our late inning crowd rallying song at Shea.

There have been 25 years of excuses on why this couldn’t be played even though they find a way to play a depressing song about a bunch of alcoholics every night to get the crowd feeling really down late in the game.

Anyway….it shows that #Murphtober is Amazin’