Mets Police Morning Laziness: wait, they traded Neil Walker AND cash? (Corrected)

Wait what?  They traded Walker AND cash and a PTBNL?    WHAT?   They actually got for for Murphy.  Are the Mets broke again?  Did Sandy really suck at trades this summer?   Is this just so Jose Reyes can play?  WHAT???

(Sorry I thought they got cash back, apparently they paid the Brewers to take Walker.   WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT?)  Thanks @koyote19 for pointing this out to me.

Anyway, I wish Walker well.  Another good soldier, and I never had any issue with him replacing my favorite player.   Someone had to play second.

SLACKISH REACTION:   I was away all day and got home at like 10:15.  I watched one pitch and got a robotic “he struck him out” from Gary Sterling in the 8th, although I did get and appreciate a proper K call later in the game.   The Mets lost.  Keith seemed annoyed the Mets even exist.

Sure I could have listened to the game as I drove, but as you know, WOR has an  annoying metallic sound behind play by play and the MLB App as no QC so screw that.  I MIGHT maybe perhaps try listening on the app today in the backyard.  Maybe.  I’m kind of in the mood for poolside and Mets.

I assume NOW you believe me about the rebuild I told you about in May, right?

And wow even Harv had a bad night.    Sorry Funchise.

Wait until everyone notices the Subway Series starts tomorrow.