The Lost Mets Police Posts #6: Extend Terry Collins Contract!

As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Mets Police, I thought it would be fun to go back and dust off some “Unscheduled Draft” posts. Behind the scenes if you write a post and don’t publish it, it saves as a draft. And there seem to be a ton of them. Some complete, some incomplete. Let’s have a fun stroll through the blog Outtakes.

Here’s one from June of 2014.

terrycollinsnewyorkmetsintroduceTerry Collins may or may not be a great, or even good, manager.  You probably have a much more steadfast opinion on that matter.  Your opinion may even have merit and be grounded in facts.  I am not here to argue that with you.

What I am here to argue, is that if you love the Mets, and you want to see the team improve, you should not support the Fire Terry Collins bandwagon.

Why should we allow the Mets to make Terry Collins the scapegoat?

Ownership and the Front Office need to be held accountable for the fact that, first and foremost, this team needs better players.  If Terry Collins is the scapegoat it gives the Wilpons, the Katz’s and the Aldersons more time to have us wait for them to finally invest in this team the way we’ve been promised.

So my missive is thus: call up your favorite sports radio show and tell the host how much you love Terry as manager and think he deserves a better roster to show what he’s capable of.  Post comments on your favorite Mets blog and write about how Terry Collins deserves a raise and a contract extension.  Let’s not allow Terry to be the fall guy here, just to buy the more Mets time.

Sandy Alderson sounded very silly on the radio recently when he said that he was sure the payroll would expand when  more people came out to the ballpark.  Imagine how quickly a restaurant would go out of business if the owner pleaded with customers to please come eat his lousy food now so he can afford to buy better ingredients, and that he promises the food would get better in the future.

The Mets don’t need a better manager– they need better players.  If the Mets get better players, and still want to make a managerial change, that is their prerogative.  Until then, Terry Collins is my man.