Mets Police Morning Laziness: a Ty Kelly mystery….plus Mets have few prospects

DID THE METS GET ANY NEW PLAYERS?  Maybe.  Last night I saw some reports that the Mets signed Ty Kelly to a minor league deal.  Those reports are gone now leaving only the people sourcing the original.  So maybe the Mets got Ty Kelly maybe.  Hooray?

Now the newspapers say the Mets are not getting Colon.   What happened to yesterday’s the Mets are getting Colon articles.  Are you guys just making things up?

Now that Brandon Nimmo is everyone’s favorite Mets player you should read this!

Then there’s this…

So, it’s no surprise that when Baseball America released its annual top-100 prospects list on Monday, the Mets didn’t have much of a presence. Only a single player made the list, shortstop Andres Gimenez.

Oh good, a rebuild is coming and we have one prospect and he plays the position our best prospect plays.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Man what a good sleep-in day with this rain except I didn’t get to sleep in.   Some day.