Why did the Mets use the old pre-1948 Giants NY in a tweet?


Mulder! What are you doing here? I thought you’d be outside on the deck. It’s 90 degrees out, the pool is warm, you must have something major to get you to come inside and fire up the laptop.

Take a look at this Scully….

So? The Mets want us to have a Happy Labor Day. That’s nice.

Take a CLOSER look Scully….

Scully, why are the Mets using the old New York Giants NY? I think that one hasn’t been used since around 1947, and it’s definitely not a Mets NY.

Mulder, it’s a holiday. The social media intern probably wanted something old-times and grabbed the wrong clip art.

Yes, Scully, but why would that logo even be in the clip art database? There’s no reason for that to be in the folder, and there’s even less of a reason for it to be labeled Mets.

You don’t think that…

Scully, remember that hat I posted last week?

Mulder, you don’t think….

I asked Skinner about it. He barely reacted. But sometimes Skinner knows things in advance. He might not be able to say anything.

Did you press him on it Mulder?

No, but this is twice in two weeks now that this NY appeared. Why is the old style NY circulating on Mets related materials unless…..

Nike is coming.

Nike is coming.  The truth is out there Scully, and it has now leaked twice.  Now I just have to find out what’s happening.


Much thanks to @nikometsplus for putting the son my radar.  I would have missed it while sunning myself on the deck…to which I now return.