Should the Mets bring back the BLACK uniforms as an alternate in 2020?

Remain calm.  Yes this is ME asking.

So you may remember that in 2016 the Mets wore 1986 jerseys on Sunday.

Well….you and I aren’t getting any younger.    Even some of the oldest millennials are pushing 40.  I did some math and it seems that 2020 will be the 20th anniversary of the NL Champions, and probably a good nostalgia point for some people with disposable income.

Should the Mets bring back black jerseys as an alternate.

Let’s review…

The black can look ok if seen from the back on a handsome young Mike Piazza.

But look more closely.  Look at the cap.  See how the NY does not pop?  The caps never quite worked.   Also look at the NY and notice how your brain is working in some purple thoughts.  There’s something about the way the blue and black interact that makes it looks a little purple.  Plus you can’t see the NY.

Now what happens if the jersey isn’t on a handsome young Mike Piazza…

Not so sexy now is it?

Let’s look at the cap.  The all black works better, but better is a relative term.  The NY is still kind of buried.

So what say I?

I say they should wear them.

WHOA WHOA calm down…let me continue.

Wear them ONCE A WEEK (I propose Friday nights) for ONE SEASON.   Just like they did with the racing stripes.

I can’t sit here and preach team history and then ignore team history when I don’t like the team history.

I think for one year, once a week blacks – again AT NIGHT not when it’s 95 and sunny you fools – would be a nice touch for 2020.

I don’t have a good solution for the cap.  They should have done this in the first place….

….but since they didn’t, I guess just wear the hybrids.

What the hell, let’s do it…

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